Welcome to WhatsHappeningWilliamsburg, your source for fun, local things to do that everyone can afford! There are two main components to this site:

1. The Calendar– this is a dynamic Google calendar that has information on upcoming events that a) are $10 or less, b) occur outside normal working hours, and c) are within 30 minutes of Williamsburg. There are several great calendars for this area, but WhatsHappeningWilliamsburg is focused specifically on live music and events that appeal to working people without a lot of extra cash. It’s also useful for visitors who are looking for things to do once the museums close. Make sure you check it out– there are a lot of hidden gems in there!

2. The Blog– Sometimes you may see an event or venue but you don’t know what it will be like. The blog will have reviews of events so you can see if you want to go. It also has previews of highlighted events.

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