It’s Cold. Stay Inside and Read.

As much as I love to encourage people to get out and explore the area, and as many things as there are to do here even in the winter . . . . I get it. It’s cold, and you want to stay inside. Fair enough. As long as you’re staying inside, though, why not read a book? And as long as you’re going to read a book, why not meet with people to talk about it?


My friend Janelle is a member of The New Williamsburg Book Club and she was kind enough to write up a description of the group and the kind of books they read. Here you go!

If you’re anything like me, you love to read. If you’re also like me, you lack motivation. Why spend your time slogging through that classic you’ve been meaning to read for years, or that 400-page new release that you preordered from Amazon when there’s a perfectly good, tried-and-true romance novel hanging out on your bedside table? It’s not that I don’t want to read books with more substance; it’s just easier. It’s kind of like eating McDonald’s when you should be on a diet. You know you should make some chicken and vegetables, but…french fries. Thankfully, in an effort to get out of my apartment and meet new people, I stumbled across The New Williamsburg Book Club. The club meets one Saturday a month at Bob and Lisa’s house here in Williamsburg and has provided the motivation I need to read about more than sexy vampires.

The evening begins with light conversation and snacks in the kitchen. Club members tend to bring goodies, but it’s not required, and eventually everyone moves into the living room to begin the discussion. There are usually about fifteen to twenty people present, and the ages range from mid-twenties to retirees. The conversations are never boring, and topics range from personal opinions to deep analysis, but not that deep. You don’t need to have a degree in English to enjoy the meetings. Before the meeting concludes, the next book is acknowledged, and the following book is voted on. The genres are rotated, and an attempt is made to not repeat authors, making the book selections wide and varied. The evening ends with some more snacks and socialization. Overall, it’s a great group of people, and everyone does their best to make newcomers feel welcome.

I have been attending The New Williamsburg Book club since May 2014, and I look forward to it every month. I finally read (and loved) Jane Eyre, and discovered that sci-fi is not my thing. I admit that I don’t always finish the book-of-the-month (sometimes the sexy vampires win out), but I still enjoy going to hear other opinions and to see who share mine. So, if you enjoy discussing books with a fun group of people, then check out the club on Happy reading!

Janelle is a Williamsburg resident who is a lover of ancient artifacts, Disney movies, and sexy vampire books.

Janelle is a Williamsburg resident who is a lover of ancient artifacts, Disney movies, and sexy vampire books.