One Town, One Weekend- 24 shows

Phew. You guys, I just finished finding every single instance of live music coming up this weekend- and I’m exhausted. Did you know that there are a total of 24 live music shows this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday?? Go Williamsburg! (And that’s not even counting the other events going on- free cupcakes at the Farmer’s Market, painting outside, a 17th century fashion show, and a BMX jam, among others)

All of these are available on the calendar. But because I like you, I’ll go ahead and list all of them right here for you.

Black White Blues featuring Girls Night Out is playing at Bourbon Street Friday at 9!

Black White Blues featuring Girls Night Out is playing at Bourbon Street Friday at 9!

Friday, June 26
6:00pm- Friday Night Jazz at The Trellis
7:00pm- Jazz Standards at Triangle Restaurant
7:00pm- Sammy Lee at Berret’s
8:00pm- Timeline Jazz Quartet @ the Lodge
8:00pm- Jonny Waters @ Daddyo’s
8:00pm- Louis Vangieri @ Aromas
8:00pm- Mike Lucci Band at Cogan’s
8:00pm- Snackbar Jones @ Oceans & Ale
9:00pm- Black White Blues at Daddyo’s Bourbon St
9:00pm- Kevin Bleakley @ Center Street Grille

Music teacher by day, jazz guitarist by night- Tony Mata is playing at the new Triangle Restaurant Saturday

Music teacher by day, jazz guitarist by night- Tony Mata is playing at the new Triangle Restaurant Saturday

Saturday, June 27
2:00pm- Hector at Saturday Afternoon Wine Tunes at Saude Creek
6:00pm- Tony Mata Trio at Triangle Restaurant
7:00pm- Smith-Wade Band @ The Lodge
8:00pm- London @ Cogan’s
8:00pm- Aaron Enright @ Aromas
8:00pm- Billy Joe Trio @ Daddyo’s
8:00pm- Sun Dried Vibes @ Oceans & Ale
8:30pm- Chris & Joe
9:00pm- Pat Russell Band @ Daddyo’s Bourbon St ($5 cover)

The Hark plays most Sunday nights at The Trellis

The Hark plays most Sunday nights at The Trellis

Sunday, June 28
11:00am- Jazz Brunch at The Trellis
1:00pm- Acoustic Lunch, With Guitarist Louis Vangieri @ Barnes & Noble
2:00pm- A Taste of Love at Sunday Afternoon Music & Wine at Saude Creek
6:00pm- The Hark at The Trellis
8:45pm- Into the Woods movie on Prince George Street (ok, not live music, but it is a musical!)

As always, a complete listing of fun and cheap things to do in Williamsburg (and more details about these shows) is available- you guessed it- on the calendar. Plus, you can easily add the events to your own calendar and invite friends! Which of these bands do you plan on checking out this weekend? Leave a comment!

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June 19-21: What to do in the ‘Burg

This is just a small portion of all the events that are available! There’s the market, movies, and the art fair on Saturday . . . check out the calendar for more options. Below are some musical happenings I just had  to point out!

Friday June 19:
Wine Night at Saude Creek Vineyards

ST Lite at Saude Creek

The lead singer from ST Lite shows us how it’s done.

Although Saude Creek has these most Friday nights in the summer, this one is special because there will be a group from Young Emerging Professionals of Williamsburg there. You don’t have to be a member to attend, but you do have the opportunity to meet a group of fun people. Or, you can stick to your own possy and just do your own thing! I went last year and it was a blast- good music, good company, beautiful setting, cornhole, wine, food- a veritable Eden. They let you bring your own picnic- it was a really great bargain! And the setting is just gorgeous. Friday the featured musical performer is ST Lite (they describe themselves as “acoustic with a KICK”) and there will be crepes there!
(PS- if you can’t get there Friday night, they also have the same thing happening on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, 2-5pm)

Saturday June 20:
Amy Kucharik at Aromas

How do you feel about quirky ukelele music? Amy Kucharik is pretty much a master at this particular genre, and she’s playing for tips at Aromas Saturday at 8pm. The video above showcases her band, but I’m not sure how much of the band will be with her Saturday (I’d be willing to bet it will just be her- if you know for sure, let me know!). If you like Molasses Creek– a regular at First Night– you’ll like Amy- the sound is 1920s bluesy and ragtimish. Aromas is always a fun, relaxed atmosphere on the weekends, and her music sounds like it will be fun and carefree to listen to.

Sunday June 21
Tony Bob Merritt at Alewerks

After (or while) you catch up with dad, enjoy a Sunday afternoon at Alewerks with live music 2-5 pm by Tony Bob Merritt (“one-man acoustic stylings”). The scene at Alewerks is really fun- super chill, but also really busy. Everyone is really friendly, and the beer is EXCELLENT.

Alewerks beerBeyond what you’ve had in bottles and at bars around town, they usually have some small-batch brews they only serve in the tasting room. One word of advice, though- eat before you go, or come not very hungry. Their menu is really limited (at least for now)- don’t plan on having a meal there. Ooh, and apparently they just opened what they’re calling the “Biergarten”- if you go, let us all know how it is!

Have a great time this weekend everyone, and be safe! Don’t forget to check out the calendar for more things to do in Williamsburg!

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Daddyo’s Bourbon Street doesn’t win “Blue Ribbon”

Blue Ribbon 5

Blue Ribbon has a classic rock sound that sometimes swings more Tom Petty, sometimes more trance-y jam band. They play a mix of mostly original songs with some covers. Their originals are pretty much split between the two sounds: the first upbeat folk-rock style seems to be written by guitarist Chris Ambrosino, and the second dreamy style with jazz chords seems to come from the mind of Jim Gordon, lead guitarist. (At least, going by the lead singer on the songs.)

Blue Ribbon 1

Although this particular show was plagued by sound glitches (lots of crackles and pops), there were some really good jams going on toward the ends of the songs. And if the music’s not enough, they have a pretty substantial light, smoke, and (fake) fire show to go along with their music-

As for Daddyo’s Bourbon Street– let’s just say it has a long way to go before it becomes a “hot spot” for nightlife. It looked like the only people there tonight were either guests at the attached hotel or people who go there all the time. The energy just wasn’t there- not like it is at Daddyo’s in Norge, which was pretty hoppin’ the last time I was there. If Daddyo’s wants to make Bourbon Street into more of a scene, they’ll need to really shake it up. And let me go on the record here and say I really want Daddyo’s Bourbon Street to be a cool place! We need more nightlife near downtown.

Have you been to the “new” Daddyo’s at Bourbon Street? What do you think?

Don’t Let Typos Ruin Your Weekend

Last Saturday night I was really disappointed. I had gone out to Daddyo’s to see Blue Ribbon, a local band that’s getting a lot of good reviews. They had a Friday night gig at Daddyo’s listed on Facebook, which I had in the calendar, but they also had accidentally listed a gig on Saturday at Daddyo’s on Reverb Nation- which I thought I was going to. I guess I should have known that they wouldn’t play at the same place two nights in a row, but I thought, maybe it’s a special deal. Turns out, it was just a silly little mistake.

So, we got there, on Saturday, and of course another band started playing instead. I was really disappointed. Not by the band that was there- Soul Patch– they played some covers by Stone Temple Pilots and other bands I used to listen to in high school- and they were actually pretty good once I let myself get out of my bad mood and enjoy myself. But it wasn’t what I was looking forward to, and on top of that, it meant my calendar was wrong.

FirstyThe calendar isn’t perfect all the time- and it kills me. This site is my baby and I hate to see it fail. I wish I had the time to call everyone and confirm the events beforehand for you. I wish it was always perfectly updated. But the reality is, my information is only as good as the sources I use, and sometimes they’re not reliable- even when, in this case, it was the band itself. (Hey- they’re musicians! Not secretaries.) Sometimes typos happen. It’s nobody’s fault- but I hate that it means that the calendar may lead you astray.

The upside to this is that you can usually find an alternate activity with the help of the calendar. That Saturday night, we went to Cogan’s after we left Daddyo’s and found the place packed and a pretty good blues band playing (Blues on Fire)- and then of all people, Bobby Blackhat comes out of the audience and played an epic harmonica duet with the lead singer. It was really awesome (for videos, go to the Cogan’s facebook page and scroll down to January 31). So, if you bomb out at one place, keep your chin up, don’t let the disappointment monster win, and try something else.

Blues on Fire

Artsy photo of Blues on Fire at Cogan’s

I’ll try to remember to put phone numbers for the venues in the descriptions of the events so you can call them from a smartphone while you’re out and about. And if you ever come across something that’s wrong- please, please email me or contact me and let me know so I can correct it. Also, if you’d like to help me out updating the calendar and adding events and/or writing reviews, please let me know! Ultimately, this site can’t be the work of one person- it’s got to be for and by the community to be a success. I welcome collaborators!