Christmas in Williamsburg!

Pretty soon, it will be Christmas Day! And at some point in the day, you will find yourself at the point where the presents are opened, breakfast has been eaten, and you can’t sit inside on the couch ANY LONGER! This post is for that moment.

Unfortunately, yes, it looks like Christmas may be, er, damp this year. As of this publishing time, it’s looking like rain in the morning and/or off and on all day. I say, though, that we take a cue from those masters of Christmas celebration, the Germans, who have a saying: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” So get out your galoshes, slickers, and umbrellas, y’all, and get the blood pumping!

Christmas Day Walk

Xmas Day Walk.jpg

Where to?

Ice Skating

Ice Pavilion

The Ice Pavilion near Merchants Square will be open Christmas Day 10 am-10 pm. If the weather’s good enough, why not go? The cost (with skate rental) is $15 for adults and $13 for kids 3-12.

Don’t want to skate? Take a load off at the picnic tables they have set up next to the super awesome fire pit and cressets nearby. The fire is hot, bright, and totally free!


Go See a Movie

This tradition has become really popular in the last few years. For that reason, consider buying your tickets online as soon as you decide what you’re going to see and who is going. There’s nothing worse than standing in line to find out you can’t get in! Also, arrive about 15 minutes early, especially if you have a large group, in order to find seats together.

Discover the Spirit of Christmas Past

CW Xmas.jpg

As I mentioned, Colonial Williamsburg is open on Christmas Day, and they have a few programs worth checking out:

  • Good Fires, Good Company, and Diversions: Come “home” to the Powell House and discover how an 18th-century household prepared for this special time of year. (11am-4pm) Included with admission/Good Neighbor Pass
  • Of Christmas Past: A British servant reflects on his life and the holiday customs and traditions he left behind. (11:30am & 1pm) $5, make sure to buy your ticket in advance
  • Holiday Memories: Experience Christmas in 1890s style! This charming and nostalgic shadow puppetry show will warm hearts of the entire family. (2:30pm) $4, make sure to buy your ticket in advance
  • (speaking of spirits) Official Colonial Williamsburg Ghost Walk: Hear authentic stories of real ghosts on the only tour that takes you inside the haunted historic sites. Meet the spirits that have inhabited our taverns and residences for centuries and still unnerve the people that live and work here today. (7pm & 8:30pm) $10, make sure to buy your ticket in advance

Ogle at Spectacular Gingerbread Houses

CW Gingerbread

Be sure to check out the very cool gingerbread houses at the Williamsburg Lodge (yes, it is open Christmas Day!), and take a group photo in front of their pretty Christmas trees. Both activities are totally free!

Make Something

Do some crafts from Pinterest- turn off the stereo and get out those forgotten instruments- make up a funny song to the tune of a carol- bake cookies- create something! I guarantee it will banish that post-present boredom.

*UPDATE* I just learned that Daddyo’s Bourbon Street will be open starting at 7pm Christmas Day and they will have karaoke at 9:30!

For the rest of the weekend, go checkout the What’s Happening Williamsburg Calendar for a list of affordable events going on right here in and around the ‘Burg.

I hope this list is also useful for people who don’t celebrate Christmas but have a day off. Happy Holidays to you!

That’s all I have- I hope this is helpful for you and your family! If you have any other ideas, please share them below in comments! Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!

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A note to my BELOVED subscribers:

I apologize for not updating the blog very often in the last few months. Life has intervened! I am not sure how often I will be able to update in the future but I will when I can. If you are interested in contributing articles or helping with the calendar please let me know! Thank you so much!

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