Daddyo’s Bourbon Street doesn’t win “Blue Ribbon”

Blue Ribbon 5

Blue Ribbon has a classic rock sound that sometimes swings more Tom Petty, sometimes more trance-y jam band. They play a mix of mostly original songs with some covers. Their originals are pretty much split between the two sounds: the first upbeat folk-rock style seems to be written by guitarist Chris Ambrosino, and the second dreamy style with jazz chords seems to come from the mind of Jim Gordon, lead guitarist. (At least, going by the lead singer on the songs.)

Blue Ribbon 1

Although this particular show was plagued by sound glitches (lots of crackles and pops), there were some really good jams going on toward the ends of the songs. And if the music’s not enough, they have a pretty substantial light, smoke, and (fake) fire show to go along with their music-

As for Daddyo’s Bourbon Street– let’s just say it has a long way to go before it becomes a “hot spot” for nightlife. It looked like the only people there tonight were either guests at the attached hotel or people who go there all the time. The energy just wasn’t there- not like it is at Daddyo’s in Norge, which was pretty hoppin’ the last time I was there. If Daddyo’s wants to make Bourbon Street into more of a scene, they’ll need to really shake it up. And let me go on the record here and say I really want Daddyo’s Bourbon Street to be a cool place! We need more nightlife near downtown.

Have you been to the “new” Daddyo’s at Bourbon Street? What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Daddyo’s Bourbon Street doesn’t win “Blue Ribbon”

  1. Hi CK. I have been thinking about this, and I have a few thoughts:

    1. Having a few craft beers on draft would definitely appeal to the dog street/ downtown/ tourist crowd, if that’s what you’re after. For the 20-40 something male crowd, in my opinion, if you don’t have any craft beer then they’re not going to come back, because they have a lot more places they can go to get good beer AND good music.
    2. Have a few fresh ingredients to make some good cocktails. You don’t have to go super fancy, but even just having some fresh mint and Limes would open up whole new (and better tasting) options for your bar.
    3. The space seems . . . Confused. Things are at odd angles, the stage is not the center focus- there just seems to be a lot going on but no focus. Is Daddyo’s a sports bar? A neighborhood bar? An entertainment venue? It’s like it’s trying to be a whole lot of things at once but not really being any of them. Sorry if that is a vague critique, unfortunately it’s the best I can do.

    Like I said, Daddyo’s in Norge is great, so obviously y’all know what to do. I’m sure it’s just challenging to take a concept from another place and take it to a new place without alienating the core clientele.

    I hope this was helpful and not too harsh! Best of luck and I will definitely be back later to check out how it’s grown!


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