Greek Festival this weekend!

Have you ever taken a shortcut on Mooretown Road and seen this really cool building with gold domes?

St. Demetrios

That building is Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, and this weekend they are having a big fat Greek Festival! Opa!

May 1st – 3rd, 2015
11AM -9PM

According to my inside sources, here is what you will find at the festival:

– All sorts of Greek food made by authentic yayas! And yayas in training! Spanikopita, Tiropita, Baklava, some kind of Greek doughnut I don’t know how to say and MUCH much more. If you miss the Sunday brunches they used to do here, here is your chance!

– There’s a big raffle! tickets are $10 and here are the prizes:
$1,000 (!)
a big 46″ flatscreen TV
two season passes to Busch Gardens

– Jewelry and all sorts of crafts

– Adorable little Greek dancers. Apparently the little kids will be performing traditional Greek dances in costumes. Adorbz!

– Tours of the church. In a Greek Orthodox church, the adornment in the church is actually a part of its spirituality. Learn more about what icons mean in this faith or simply admire their beauty!St. Demetrios inside

It’s FREE to get in the festival but of course the food & etc will cost money. All the money they raise will go to church to help them pay the mortgage. A great cause and a good time.

If you go, please post your picks to the What’s Happening Williamsburg Facebook Page so others can see how it is. Thanks!

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