Jocks vs. Nerds

So I’ve tried out a new thing- making different “tracks” for different things you might be in to. Feeling contemplative? Try the Introvert/ nerd track. Wanna party? Try the Extrovert / jock track. Let me know what you think. Have fun!

Introvert / Nerd track


Monday- 7pm- Meditation at the UU church– Ben teaches you how to meditate- FREE

Tuesday- Searching for Justice in Times of Tragedy– Dinner at 6 and then a discussion- FREE- led by a pastor who volunteered during the VA Tech shootings.

Wednesday- Tea Tasting 6pm- the folks at Discover Teas lead you through 3 teas- FREE

Thursday- 7:30 pm Open Mic Night @ Aroma’s– always free, and you never know what you’re gonna get- poetry? ukeleles? bongo drums? probably all of the above . . .

Friday- 8pm Timeline Jazz Quartet– spend a classy evening at the Williamsburg Lodge- no cover

Saturday- Spend the day at the Muscarelle– open noon-4pm- $10- currently featuring Japanese woodblock prints, classic european paintings, and 17th century engravings

Sunday- spend the day at Colonial Williamsburg– with your Good Neighbor Pass, learn something about the way things were (and maybe gain a new perspective on the way things are?)

Extrovert / Jock track


Monday- DoG Street Pub Running Club– Bring a new member now through February and each of you can have a beverage or snack on the house. Registration starts at 5pm; at 6pm everybody goes for a 5K.

Tuesday- Yorktown Pub Open Mic

Wednesday- W&M Vs. Hofstra basketball $6-10

Thursday- apparently Thursday is a big night in Williamsburg: Slider Night at DoG St, Young Emerging Professionals Networking at the Paul’s in New Town, and Karaoke at Corner Pocket and at Daddyo’s

Friday- Blue Ribbon at Daddyo’s- this band is really cool and has been featured on Out of the Box– no cover

Saturday- 3pm- Hash Run– at your own risk

Sunday- Live Music at the Aleworks Taproom 2pm

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