Iceburg: No Ice and Not Much Skating

Solo SkaterSpectatin
On the Ground

I was kindof excited to go ice skating. I’ve only ever gone two other times in my life- once with friends where we all fell down but had a good time, and once on a date where he knew how to skate and taught me a little. So, I went into it thinking, sure we don’t know how to skate, but it’ll be fun! How wrong that prediction turned out to be . . .

We drove out to the park and drove around to find the rink (turn left onto News Road from Monticello, btw, and then turn right). We headed towards the rink, where there was music playing.

The rink is surrounded by a waist-height white wall, and surrounding it were tables and heat lamps. We rented our skates ($7/ea- what a waste that turned out to be!). I passed a sign that said how you could use your smartphone to determine which music was played, but didn’t investigate.

More SpectatinGettin SkatesMusic

We hobbled our way into the rink and tried to skate. It was hard. The “ice” was this slippery plastic stuff. It was different than the other times I had gone skating, where you just slide back and forth, parallel to your skates, but you could push off from your back foot and could go forward as long as you were balanced right. On this plastic stuff, I would try to push off, but my skates would slip perpendicular to the blade. I couldn’t get anywhere and for some reason I was terrified of failing. Not that I was alone not being able to skate- of the 20 or so people on the rink, there was only one who could skate- he was trying to teach his kids. But most of the other kids out there (and they were mostly children) were hugging the wall, hugging the orange cones that were supposed to guide skaters, or running into each other and falling down.

KidsRink with SkaterHangin On

I tried to be inspired by them- those plucky kids, out there enjoying themselves even while falling down.

“I fell like, a hundred and one times!”
“Well I fell down a thousand and one times!”

I resolved to try one more time around the rink.

Meanwhile, Scott seemed to be managing to get around, despite never having ice-skated before. He looked a bit like a marionette, with his limbs all askew, rocking back and forth from foot to foot, but he was getting around.

Startin OutScott Askew

By this time, I had had it. I wasn’t having fun. I still don’t know why I was terrified of falling down (I must just be a scaredy-cat), but I was so upset about it, I was stressing a lot.

I told Scott I was ready to give up. He convinced me to go one more time around with him, holding hands. I hoped maybe it would be better having a partner- but no. I kept asking him to slow down, again, because I was so scared of falling.

After our last rally, we threw in the towel. Hey, we tried. We took off our skates (Scott said his ankles were killing him), turned them in about a half hour after we checked them out- and went to DoG Street for a beer.

BeerUs at DoG St

So. I don’t know how much this exerience had to do with the synthetic rink, our inability to skate, or time of day. All I know is that I can’t in good conscience recommend it. However, if you’ve got your heart set on going, please don’t let my story stop you!

Ah well. Onto the next adventure!

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